December 2, 2022

Bitcoin among the top three most popular online payment systems in Italy

Boston-based research company SEMRush reports Bitcoin is third in popularity means of paying for online purchases in Italy.

According to the results of the study, Bitcoin becamethe third most popular means of payment for online orders, behind only the American payment system PayPal and the Italian service of prepaid cards PostePay. At the same time, Italians use bitcoin for online payments more often than Visa, Mastercard and American Express payment systems.

In 2018, the online shopping market in Italyexceeded the amount of 40 billion euros. Every month in Italy 215 800 online purchases are made with payment in bitcoins, and American Express cards are used only to pay 189 000 purchases per month. Visa and Mastercard are not at all popular - 33,950 purchases per month. PayPal pays 1.3 million purchases per month, and PostePay cards - 1.2 million.

In February this year, Lab analystsKaspersky was told that one in eight people in the world used bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make purchases on the Internet. In addition, data from the Coinmap platform show that the number of companies accepting bitcoin for payment has grown by more than 700% over the past six years.