January 28, 2021

Bitcoin: All characters are fictional, coincidences are random.

If we take into account that we are in the third phase of the five-year cycle, then according to the "Eliot hypothesis" this year we have to show the high from 2019, and not from 2017, which everyone is "looking at".

Based on this, as a version, we play the end of July 2019, only with odds of three.
It looks like another divorce, but the numbers are the same. Somehow too neat.

I hate Eliot, but they were invented forannual cycles and this is the only place where they more or less work, it is somehow not convenient to run on other timeframes with this piano. With the fourth and especially with the fifth phase, questions always arise.

In the coming days, we can fall on 28842, with a quick payoff on 36183,
then mumukanie up to 39600 and further to Hell with recharges somewhere in October-November last year.
Quite a real drawback scenario, if we don't make a significant transition in the next two weeks.

I think this is a divorce and somewhere this analogy “should be broken”.
Why divorce? Because according to the "classic" the coefficient would be close to five.

Regards, V.

I remind you.
I make trading plans with support. Expensive.
No. Very expensive.
This year I can take two more slots. Write in a personal.

Regards, V.</strong>