January 28, 2021

Bitcoin + 250%, but it could have been more (((

It was in 2018
One day in February I decided to buy bitcoin. Correction. Before that I did not buy it because of distrust of all these crypto exchanges.

I didn't want to get involved with these unreliable intermediaries.

I found a completely safe way where to get a derivative, although the commission is higher there.
But then I also found how to get around it.

I bought in parts all 2018.
And he kept falling and falling.
Like last year's snow

By the end of the year, I decided - enough to tarry, I will wait for growth.

I missed the whole of 2019, although it could have been a plus.
There were many events offline, my business was like a locomotive.

in 2020, there was no time for bitcoin, he was charging stocks and futures at a minimum in March, he even sat in a drawdown for a week. And not one million.

I forgot about bitcoin in short. Then the profit flooded to the MMVB - I did not have time to shift.

And it was possible to take bitcoin in March.
In hindsight, we are all smart.

And then the news flooded that bitcoin broke through the high.
remembered about him immediately.
went to look at the charts. I calculated the profit and decided not to wait for 50 and 75.

On Sunday evening, I got out of bitcoin with a profit of about 250% - I can't count it for sure, I gained on a large interval - a whole year, I held two.
but at an average price it turns out like this.

now I look at it further rushing as in 2017.
Probably I'll take it again for correction in 2021.

Conclusion - the less often you trade, the greater the profit.