December 11, 2023

Electrum and Bottlepay Bitcoin Wallets Added Lightning Network Support

One of the most popular Bitcoin wallets, Electrum, has released update 4.0.2, which includes support for instantOffline transaction Lightning Network. They are held in the second-level network, without the participation of miners, which ensures high speed and low transaction costs.

Developers have implemented their own version of LN nodes,solving the problems of security and liquidity of transfers. Electrum uses an atomic swap system to instantly expand Lightning Network channel limits. In the event of fraud, an instant blocking of the LN-nodes is triggered by a user’s complaint, which makes it possible to check the transaction history and make an arbitral decision.

Bottlepay startup previously announcedcompletion of activities in connection with the adoption of the Fifth Directive of the European Union, found funding for the implementation of new regulatory requirements. The funds received from investors were enough, including to update the payment system. Now the application accepts payments for Lightning Network invoices.

Users can store fiat electronicallyBottlepay wallet and instantly pay for goods in Bitcoin by scanning the QR code of the invoice issued via the Lightning Network. The option is available so far only for EU citizens, but in 2021, the company will launch Bottlepay in the United States, as well as make available instant Bitcoin transfers via Telegram.