April 25, 2024

BitCluster invested $ 7.5 million in the development of mining in Russia

BitCluster invested $ 7.5 million in the development of mining in Russia

The infrastructure and mining company BitCluster invested $ 7.5 million in the development of a unique product, which has no analogues on the market, and in the purchase of equipment for the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

Total capacity purchasedcrypto-emission devices is 140,000 TH/s with a total energy consumption of 6.7 MW. The essence of the product is that BitCluster offers a connection to mining in less than an hour on ready-made new equipment installed in the data center. In order to start production, the client only needs to decide on the quantitydevices.

At the moment, ready to issue cryptocurrencies800 Bitmain devices (S17pro, T17), 1200 Innosilicon ASICs (T3-50t, T3-57t, T3-67t) and 1200 Whatsminer miners (M20s and M21s). All of them are designed for the extraction of digital currencies with the SHA-256 algorithm, such as bitcoin. Now the equipment is in the largest Russian mining hotel in Bratsk.

According to BitCluster co-founder Sergei Arestov, the expansion of the business was stimulated by growing interest in cryptocurrency from large investors in order to hedge risks. 

Before, customers had been waiting for delivery from China for weeks,independently resolved issues of security, logistics, ASIC miners' compliance with the declared characteristics and others. Now the operator assumes these risks. The equipment is already delivered, tested, connected and ready for immediate start of work. Each of the proposed devices can be checked by the serial number for exactly when it was imported into Russia and went through customs.