December 5, 2023

Binance will give away 2222 NFTs during a promotion

Binance will give away 2222 NFTs during a promotion

Binance partners with a group of celebrities to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency tools andinvestments.

Binance has scheduled a promotional event for February 13campaign featuring global superstars. Entrepreneur J. Balvin, basketball star Jimmy Butler and mixed martial artist Valentina Shevchenko will take part in the 2222 NFT giveaway.

Binance is also offering free access to the Crypto Fundamentals Tutorial to motivate users to improve their financial literacy and gain freedom and success.

Changpeng Zhao commented on the initiative:

Many people are interested in cryptocurrency, butrelatively few people know where to start when it comes to learning about these new technologies. In addition to increasing product and brand awareness, we need to help people understand the basics of cryptocurrency and make better investment decisions. It will also help people be more confident, as it is better to be your own expert than to listen to someone who may not really understand or care about your financial goals.

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