December 9, 2022

Binance launches high yield staking

Binance launches high yield staking

Binance has launched a new high yield staking initiative for ten coins.

According to a post in trading platform blog, the staking initiative, dubbed the High-Yield Center, will allow you to block 10 coins and earn up to 104.62% per annum.

The duration of Shiba Inu staking will be only 10 days, at 0.28% or 10.12% per annum. Interested participants will be required to stake a minimum of 200 SHIB and a maximum of 7 million tokens.

All other coins from the list can be blocked for 90 days.

Binance launches high yield staking

Binance will pay interest daily,starting at 00:00 (UTC) on the day the locked stake is confirmed until the end of the staking period. The function of early cancellation of blocking is provided not earlier than in a day. In this case, users will receive their coins, but without the accrued bonus.

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