July 21, 2024

Binance Launches High Yield New Year Staking

Binance Launches New Year's Staking with High Yields

Binance Exchange Launches 'Happy New Year Staking' Promotion With High Annual Percentage Yield.

NewThe staking program will be available from January 1.Below you can find the table of coin yields. 

Binance Launches New Year's Staking with High Yields

Daily interest will begin to accrue the next day after the assets are blocked for 10 days of the promotion.

You can block the selected asset through your exchange wallet by selecting Wallets> Earnings> Locked bets.

The APY is adjusted daily based on on-chain staking rewards.The standard unlock period is set at 1 day, but if you wish, you can repay your bets ahead of schedule with an instant return of the principal amount to the deposit account. 

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