November 29, 2022

Binance Launches Blockchain Charity Resource at UN World Investment Forum

Binance Launches Blockchain Charity Resource at UN World Investment Forum

Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), founded by Binance, launches blockchain-based charity donation portal as part of the World Investment Forum,organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The system already accepts donations to BNB, BTC and ETH. BCF will also open a fundraiser to support flood victims and landslides in eastern Uganda.

“BCF platform guarantees transparency and accountabilitydonations, as well as their receipt by the final side. BCF will use blockchain technology to help the UN raise funding for the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as 1 billion people living in poverty. We believe that poverty should not be a sentence for people, ”said Helen High, BCF Head and UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador for Industrialization in Africa.

Session “Using blockchain for sustainableDevelopment ”brought together more than 700 participants from around the world and was the first blockchain session ever held at the World Investment Forum.

“Transparency will help achieve all 17 sustainable development goals,” said Changpeng Zhao, CEO Binanceduring his presentation.

Introducing the charity portal, he talked about the impact of the blockchain on donation collections and their distribution during the floods in Japan last month and commented on the work of the new resource:

“Conceptually, you can pretty easily trackcash flows at all levels, and we can make this process 100% transparent. In addition, we guarantee that 100% of the donations will reach the final recipients, and all expenses will be covered by Binance, both by the company and the fund. ”

Created by Binance as a Charityunits, BCF intends to use blockchain technology to deliver concrete results and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Representatives of Bancor, UNICEF, IBM, Hyperledger, ConsenSys, the public sector, etc., also gathered at the forum to discuss the implementation of the blockchain and its impact on these goals.

During an evening event hosted by BCF, the Tron Foundation allocated $ 3 million to BCF to accelerate the implementation of blockchain in the field of charity.

“Everyone here decided to becomeleaders in the use of blockchain for the benefit of society, ”said Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation,“ The Binance Charity Foundation is making significant efforts to increase the transparency of donations so that we can see where the funds go and what effect they have. ”

The International Investment Forum, organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), was held in Geneva on October 22-26, 2018.

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About Blockchain Charity Foundation

The Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to use blockchain technology in the field of charity to achieve global sustainable development.