February 4, 2023

Binance joins Klaytn project board of directors

Binance joins Klaytn project board of directors

Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange became a member of the Klaytn project’s board of directors, which includes 24 organizations, including three subsidiaries of LG and three organizations associated with Kakao, as well as Philippine Union Bank.

According to Binance representatives, the councilDirectors make key technical and business decisions for the network and participate in the development of blockchain applications. Klaytn is managed by Ground X, a subsidiary of the Kakao messaging application.

Binance CFO Wei Zhou said:

Ground X and its publicly accessible blockchain project, Klaytn, share with Binance a shared vision and goals to stimulate industry growth and provide diverse use cases.

Recall that recently, the South Korean company Samsung launched a blockchain version of its flagship smartphone Note 10, which will run on the Klay blockchain.

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