June 17, 2024

Binance is now a competitor to the Moscow Exchange? !!!

Binance has added new trading pairs for Turkish Lira and Russian Ruble!Binance is now a competitor to the Moscow Exchange? !!!
The largest cryptocurrency exchangeBinance announced the expansion of trading opportunities with the Turkish lira, as well as the addition of new trading pairs with the lira and the Russian ruble.

Binance Added Deferred Trading OptionFor Turkish Lira paired with BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB and BUSD. Previously, only instant purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies for Turkish money was available to users.

In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange has added the ability to trade the Turkish lira and the Russian ruble in tandem with the stabletcoin USDT. Exchange customers can now take advantage of new features.

Let us remind you that the possibility of trading with the Russian ruble appeared on Binance in November of this year. The AdvCash payment system acted as a partner for depositing and withdrawing Russian fiat currency.

According to Statista, it isTurkey is a world leader in the adoption of cryptocurrencies - due to the devaluation of the national currency, citizens of the country began to pay attention to alternative currencies, including Bitcoin.

source: https://bits.media/binance-dobavila-novye-torgovye-pary-s-turetskoy-liroy-i-rossiyskim-rublem/

Now Binance, like in Greece, has everything!))). Including, in addition to cryptocurrencies, there are currency pairs!!! Well, why isn’t Binance a competitor to the Moscow Watch Exchange?????

Think for yourself, decide for yourself, to have it or not to have it?)))