December 5, 2023

Binance has improved the conditions of the affiliate program to 50%

Binance has improved the conditions of the affiliate program to 50%

On October 6, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance, offered a way to earn huge money onon your site, without making transactions:

“How to earn more than 1000 bitcoins on Binance,without making a single transaction? Do you have a user base of over 2000 people? Are you an influencer with over 5,000 followers? Are you a leader in a cryptocurrency community with over 500 members? Earn up to 50% referral commission, and even more."

Thus, the Binance exchange has launched an affiliate program through which users can earn very decent money.

The company called on interested usersjoin this program and receive rewards for attracting people to your site. You can fill out the application form and receive a quick response from the Binance team.

Criteria for participants:

  • You have more than 5000 followers or subscribers on social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, etc .;
  • You have at least 2,000 people in the user base for organizing a business;
  • Cryptocurrency community leaders with more than 500 participants can also take part.

After the team recognizes the right to participate inreferral program, the applicant must create a referral link and manage it from your account on Binance. This referral link will attract users to the exchange. The selected applicant will receive 50% of the commissions on transactions of users registered by his referral link.