February 1, 2023

Binance Futures increases leverage to 125x

Binance Futures increases leverage to 125x

According to the official statement of Binance, now traders of the Binance Futures platform can trade under BTC / USDT contracts with a maximum leverage of up to 125x.

Leverage was previously offered on the platform.only 20x. At the same time, the BitMEX platform provided 100x leverage to traders. Thanks to the new feature, the Binance Futures platform can compete with BitMEX.

Binance CEO Changpen Zhao said:

The platform demonstrates the increased interest of institutional traders, and therefore there is a demand for a solution to increase the efficiency of very fast transactions.

In addition, the CEO added thattraders will have access to risk management systems and an insurance fund. This, in turn, will help limit the possibility of automatic deletion.

Recall that for the first time the announcement of the launch of the platform took place in August, and trading on it began in September.

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