August 2, 2021

Binance Futures Launches Tournament for Traders

Binance Futures Launches Tournament for Traders

Binance Crypto Exchange Teams With Mr Mozart To Launch A Bitcoin Futures Trading Tournament For Participants blockchain ecosystem. The event is scheduled for the period from 19 to 30 August this year, the beginning and end will take place at 3:00 Moscow time.

The prize pool of the tournament is $ 12,000 in BNB tokens, the amount will be divided among the winners of the competition, which will be determined in accordance with the ROI results.

In addition, the organizers of the tournament preparedreward for the trader who shows the largest trading volume during the tournament. Also, all participants will be able to receive a reward in the course of two airdrops for a total of $ 2000.

Prize fund distribution rules

According to the results of the tournament, all winners will receive valuable prizes, the reward system is presented below:

  • The first place will get 2 thousand dollars in tokens, 500 dollars in vouchers, a backpack from Binance, as well as access to the closed Mr Mozart channel.
  • For the second place, the organizers will pay $ 1,500 in BNB, $ 250 in vouchers, and provide a hoodie and access to the channel.
  • Third place will receive a prize of $ 1,000 in BNB, $ 250 in vouchers, a T-shirt and access to a partner channel.
  • For 4th place, a reward of $ 750 in tokens and access to the channel is assigned.
  • 5th place will receive $ 500 in tokens and access to the channel.
  • All tournament participants who take 6-10 places will receive $ 250 in tokens and access to the channel.
  • The user who showed the highest trading volume during the tournament period will receive a reward of $ 250, as well as access to a closed channel of partners.

$ 2,000 airdrop

During the tournament, Binance Futures employees will organize two airdrops, within which $ 2,000 will be divided between platform participants:

  1. The first airdrop will take place between newparticipants. All users who open an account, fill out a short questionnaire, and also execute a trading volume of $ 100, will be able to take part in the drawing of $ 1,000 in BNB tokens. The prize will be equally divided among 25 participants, who will be chosen at random.
  2. The second airdrop will be carried out between subscribersnews channels on social networks. 25 members will be randomly identified who are subscribed to the Binance channel and Mr Mozart in Telegram. All winners will equally split the prize of $ 1,000 in BNB tokens.

To participate in the tournament, you just need to register on the Binance Futures platform, fill out a short application and start trading bitcoin futures. The most successful traders will receive a well-deserved reward.

Binance Futures Launches Tournament for Traders


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