February 5, 2023

Binance coin: collapse of binance, but then

Таймфрейм: 1D

</strong>On November 25th, I promised you the bienbishka will grow 3 times this year: t.me/waves89/4463. Then he cost a little less than 300 dollars. And here one could joke about the tractor driver, but instead of a joke, I recommend watching yesterday's broadcast from the timecode 02:10:43

there I review this coin in detail on all timeframes.

Now I propose to look at the senior degrees,to roughly outline targets for this year's growth. This is 785 dollars for the wave [iii] of "5" and about 1200 for the whole 5 of (5). Well, then a crypto-winter for decades and the collapse of the binance. I talked a lot about this in yesterday's video.
Binance coin: collapse of binance, but then