December 8, 2023

Binance: ChatGPT Unfairly Calls Changpeng Zhao a Communist Party Official

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Binance: ChatGPT Unfairly Calls Changpeng Zhao a Communist Party Official

The world's largest crypto exchange, Binance, has officially announced that someone is using artificial intelligence to wage a disinformation campaign against the trading platform and its leader.

According to the Chief Strategy OfficerPatrick Hillmann exchanges, an unnamed person or an organized group in the United States taught the popular artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to provide users with information that allegedly Changpeng Zhao is a leading functionary of the Chinese Communist Party.

In an interview with the media, Patrick Hillmann admittedthat the exchange administration was faced with a barrage of queries: was the founder of Binance an official of the Chinese Communist Party? In addition to private issues, the Binance office began to receive official requests from government agencies and offices of the US Congress.

During the investigation related to the searchsource of rumors, exchange representatives found out that the reason was the result of a query from the ChatGPT neural network: “Is Changpeng Zhao a communist?” In addition to the positive answer to this question, the ChatGPT program reports that Zhao developed a social networking platform for China National Petroleum.

When the exchange asked ChatGPT for information about the source of the information, the AI ​​provided a link to Changpeng Zhao's fake LinkedIn page, as well as a 2018 Forbes magazine article.

The Forbes page is currently displaying the error "Notfound,” however, according to a screenshot of the URL, the article is believed to have been written by investor and now-former journalist Pamela Ambler. Forbes and Pamela Ambler did not respond to Binance's request regarding the page's authenticity. Therefore, it is not entirely clear whether Forbes published the article or whether it even existed, says Patrick Hillman:

"The assumption that Zhao occupiedsome position in the state oil company, which is ironic since he was still in school at the time. It is especially sad to see this kind of misinformation being shared by people in power. Whereas the information could have been refuted by the most basic level of fact-checking.”

Previously CEO of cryptocurrencyexchange Binance tried to refute media reports that he was among the three richest people in the world. The businessman called the information about his wealth inaccurate.