June 15, 2021

Binance: BSC Attacks Organized Hacker Group

Binance: BSC Attacks Organized Hacker Group

Exchange Officials Release Statement On Rising Attacks On DeFi Protocols Powered By Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Binance Smart Chain has become the epicenter of hacker attacks using the flash loan attack method.

Binance assumes all hacks are organized and connected. The exchange urged DeFi projects to be more vigilant and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of clients' funds.

More than 8 have been committed recentlyhacks like flash loans. We believe that well-organized hackers target the BSC. This is a very challenging time for the BSC community. We urge all developers of decentralized applications to take active action.

BSC invited projects to re-audit their security, monitor suspicious activity in real time and develop an action plan if it is detected.

Hackers are actively breaking protocols this yearat BSC. The victims of the hackers were PancakeBunny, Cream Finance, bEarn, Bogged Finance, Uranium Finance, Meerkat Finance, SafeMoon, Spartan Protocol and BurgerSwap. The latest victim was Belt Finance, from whose vaults $ 6.3 million was withdrawn.

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