March 23, 2023

Binance added a trading pair with the Russian ruble and Tether (USDT)

Binance added a trading pair with the Russian ruble and Tether (USDT)

Binance cryptocurrency exchange continues to develop its Russian ecosystem. This time she added the possibility of selling and buying rubles for USDT.

The ruble can now be exchanged directly for USDT

For Russians, this news is very significant. No matter how negatively we feel about USDT and Tether, in this situation, the new pair is more useful.

Before, in order to enter and withdraw rubles, it is necessaryIt was to think about the course of cryptocurrencies, choosing a convenient entry point. We all know that the price of bitcoin and other digital currencies can seriously change over a short period of time. This creates serious inconvenience: for example, you planned to buy 1 BTC in a few hours, postponed the required amount in rubles, and cryptocurrency suddenly gained 5-10%.

With a new trading pair you can make money onexchange and wait for the right moment with a calm mind. In addition, you can take profits and withdraw rubles when it is convenient for you, without waiting for a suitable cryptocurrency rate.

The exchange announced about the innovation on its Twitter. The update also added three direct cryptocurrency pairs with the Turkish lira.

Recall that the support of the Russian rubleappeared on Binance in early December. To work with it, like with any other fiat currency, you have to go through a verification of your identity, so this option is not suitable for lovers of anonymity.

Earlier, the exchange also launched support for five other fiat currencies, including the euro (EUR), with which you can buy BTC, BNB, ETH and XRP.

Changpeng Zhao said on his Twitter that the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies can significantly change the world for the better:

Binance now has crypto fiat sites inSingapore, Uganda, Jersey and the USA. However, the company has yet to conquer the US market, since Binance US is still difficult to compete with Coinbase crypto-exchange, which successfully operates in its homeland.

Earlier, we talked about how Binance Futures launches Bitcoin Cash futures contracts with leverage up to 75x.

The head of Binance commented on YouTube blocking

This morning, Changpeng Zhao shared his views onmass blocking of cryptocurrency videos on YouTube. He urged the community to take advantage of the blockchain and go to social networks that are not subject to censorship.

He added that this also has its risks. For example, a truly free social network will become a haven for scammers, pirated content, spammers, trolls, and will also incur the wrath of governments. But considering the current Internet giants are confronting us, the choice is clear. It’s a pity that right now there is no really competitive replacement for the same YouTube on the blockchain. Perhaps Zhao hinted at the launch of his social network?

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