November 29, 2023

Bill Gates: quarantine will last another two to three months

Bill Gates: quarantine will last another two to three months

Bill Gates believes that if strict rules are followed, it will take up to 10 weeks before the world can shut downsocial distancing measures, quarantine and return to normal life.

Gates recently answered coronavirus reporting questions on the Reddit platform. He urged to remain calm and not to panic, and also declared:

“Timing will be highly dependent on the country. In China, the epidemic is now in decline because their testing and quarantine systems have been very effective. If each country can provide quality testing and quarantine, then within 6-10 weeks the number of infected people will sharply decrease. ”

Gates is confident that eliminating the reappearance of coronavirus after its initial suppression also depends on the efforts of individual countries:

It all depends on how the country handlespeople coming from abroad. So far, the Chinese are setting an example. They very tightly control people entering the country. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore have also done a good job in this area. If the US does everything right, then the number of infected people here should not reach a critical level. ”

Gates himself has been actively engaged in recent issues as part of his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Nonprofit Foundation, and said last week that he was resigning from the Microsoft board of directors to pay more attention to charity. The Gates Foundation has already allocated about $ 100 million to help fight the global fight against COVID-19.