August 4, 2020

Be pragmatists - buy and hold at least 0.1 BTC in your investment portfolio immediately

In real life, pragmatism is often the key to winning investments.Whether you like Bitcoin or not, It is still worth looking into the truth, as many institutional investors have already done.These people are investment professionals who simply have to be pragmatic to maximize their profits.Bitcoin is currently the fastest horse in the race for profit.These are the realities of today.

First of all, I must warn you that I am a itself a real comprehensive revolution that will change the world.In this regard, I fundamentally believe in Bitcoin and consider myself one of the "HODLers of last resort."

I don't panic every time the price of bitcoin goesOn the contrary, I see the price reduction as an incredible opportunity to accumulate more bitcoins.

In fact, this is exactly what all bitcoiners did during Black Thursday in March 2020. And we denied right, as the price of bitcoin has risen more than 140% from the 2020 low, when the price dropped to $ 3800.

Knowing this, you might think that what I meanI will tell in this article not entirely objectively, and is my preconceived opinion. I hasten to assure you that I always try to be as objective as possible when I share information of this kind.

My main goal is to lay out the basics and familiarize you with the key points to awaken in you the desire to want to know more about Bitcoin, money and the economy in general.... And further education in these mattersalready falls on your shoulders. Hope the ideas I have outlined will help you in this process. With as much knowledge as possible, you will be able to make the best decisions possible to secure your future.

Everything described in this article reflects only mypersonal opinion, and in no way is an investment recommendation. In life, decisions of this kind must be made independently. Everyone is the smith of his own happiness.

After taking a closer look at the currenteconomic situation, when the economic crisis broke out in the world in 2020, everyone seems to agree on the need to make decisions to protect their well-being.

But, as they say, how many people, so many opinions. No one disputes the fact that the need for such protective measures is really ripe, and more urgent than ever. Opinions are divided on "HOW" is the best way to protect your savings at this time. In my opinion, the best option for this isis bitcoin. Whatever happens in the future, I believe that now, in 2020, buying and holding at least 0.1 BTC in your cryptocurrency wallet would be an extremely important step.

This approach is based on pure pragmatism. And I will try to show you this clearly by giving five compelling arguments to support this judgment.

Bitcoin Helps You Safeguard Your Savings Ahead of the Big Monetary Inflation

The modern monetary and financial system will soonwill be 50 years old. And although many people think that the current system has always existed, in fact it is not that many years old. De facto, it was introduced in August 1971, when Richard Nixon canceled the conversion of the US dollar to gold.

And since then, the modern monetary and financial system has no material foundation.

Central banks have been empowered to print as much fiat money as they please. And as a consequence of this, we have a small grouppeople who are neither representatives of the people, nor reflects the interests of this very people, but who can make voluntaristic decisions that ultimately lead to the impoverishment of most of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Agree that this situation is categorically unacceptable.

Provoked by the coronavirus pandemicthe economic crisis of 2020 highlights the shortcomings of the existing fiat system more than ever. Since March 2020, the Federal Reserve has already printed more than three trillion dollars, essentially out of thin air.

Taking into account the amounts printed by the central banks of other countries, this figure rises to ten trillion dollars..

All this huge money was poured into the systemthereby artificially inflating financial markets, which are currently experiencing the "iceberg illusion", while at the same time forcing governments to sink even deeper into the pool of debt.

The US national debt currently exceeds 26 trillion. dollars, and at the current pace threatens to approach 30 trillion. dollars by the end of 2020.

The reality is that the ratio of public debt to GDP exceeding 100% has become the norm in 2020.

As rightly noted by Paul Tudor Jones (PaulTudor Jones) in May 2020, we are now on the cusp of large currency inflation. All this money printed out of control will lead to currency devaluation in the coming months that will hit the poorest in the first place.

This is an extremely disturbing fact when you consider that $ 1,000 has already lost 85% of its purchasing power since 1971:

Decline in purchasing power of $ 1000 over time, 1971-2020

If we take relatively recent statistics, thenwe will see that the purchasing power of $ 1000 in 2020 is only $ 836 compared to 2010, in other words, the drop was almost 17%. And this is only for 10 years.

If you want to keep your savings ahead of big money inflation, you shouldn't keep your wealth in fiat currencies... This fact is beyond doubt.

Considering the above, you simplymust look for ways to protect themselves and take care of their family. Despite the fact that gold has been a universally recognized store of value for centuries, it still has a number of significant drawbacks to be suitable for use by the wide masses of people.

The divisibility of gold has a limit. Poor people really cannot afford to buy gold.

And, on the contrary, to buy bitcoin, all you need is a smartphone with internet access... Therefore, a way to protect yourself from the bigmonetary inflation through the purchase of bitcoins is available to everyone. The fact that bitcoin is divisible at eight decimal places is undoubtedly its significant advantage over gold.

Let's take a look back and take a look at bitcoin profitability from 2010 to today:

Bitcoin price evolution over the past decade. The price increased by 9,000,000 percent.

Of course, the next decade is not worthexpect a rebound of 9,000,000%. Regardless, I believe that you have gotten a pretty good idea of ​​Bitcoin's potential for preserving your wealth.

Even buying 0.1 BTC today, you have every reason to believe that these bitcoins will be worth much more than $ 911 over the next decade.

If you have the means to buy at least 0.1 BTC and can afford to keep it for a long time in your investment portfolio, if I were you, I would not even hesitate.

Bitcoin will endow you with censoring resistance

Effective March 23, 2020, the Fed has cut the reserverequirements for American banks to zero. This decision went unnoticed as at the same time the Fed announced that it would pursue an unlimited quantitative easing (QE) program.

However, for individuals, this news is of great importance.

For them, this news means that from now on the amount that appears when checking the balance of the bank account will not necessarily be available immediately.

Thus, if all of the bank's customers decide to withdraw all their money at the same time, the bank will be able to block the withdrawal to avoid bankruptcy. This has happened in the past, for example in Greece.

By leaving all your savings in the hands of banks, you risk in the first place that your assets may be frozen.

To make matters worse, some banks don't hesitate to censor their customers. The degree of censoring can range from prohibiting certain transactions to confiscating all funds if requested by the government.

For example, at the beginning of this year, the accounts of one ofFrench bank clients were forcibly closed by the bank because the client dared to criticize the bank's customer service on social media.

The bank could not stand criticism and decided to subject itcensored by closing all his accounts. This attitude of the bank towards the client seems to be something unimaginable, but banks have the right to do so, for the reason that they are private institutions that can apply the rules at their discretion.

Thus, owning even 0.1 BTC is an excellent way to protect yourself from censoring and potential confiscation of your assets..

For those who still believe that gold canto fulfill this role, I invite them to read Executive Order No. 6102, issued by President Roosevelt of the United States on April 5, 1933. With this act, Franklin Roosevelt confiscated gold from all Americans and private banks to fund his New Deal policy.

If it happened once, you should not rule out the possibility that it will happen again in the future.

Bitcoin will help you assert your privacy rights online

The right to privacy on the Internet has becomea serious problem in recent months. Until now, Internet users, without even realizing it, allowed Internet giants, from Google to Facebook, to collect their personal data in order to further monetize it.

It is widely believed in the Internet environment that if you do not pay for a product or service, then you are not a customer, but a product!

Using services from Google or Facebook, you are undoubtedly a product for these companies yourself.

In June 2019, Facebook decided to take it one step further by announcing that it wanted to launch its own digital currency as part of the Libra project. Libra Project Receives Strong Opposition From G20 Members... The United States has put pressure on manyproject participants to limit the scope of its application. As of today, the Libra project is still not officially launched, and it looks like Facebook is being forced to moderate its ambitions.

The public announcement of the Libra project also triggered China's blockchain and cryptocurrency ambitions.

In October 2019, Xi Jinping suddenly made these destinations a national priority in China.... The creation of a state digital currency has become a major project for the country. As a consequence, the pace of development of the digital yuan (e-RMB) has accelerated significantly.

As of mid-2020, e-yuanis already undergoing testing in several Chinese cities, and the Chinese Communist Party will bring Internet giants such as Weibo, Baidu and WeChat into the process to help promote the e-yuan in the coming months and years.

For Xi Jinping, the electronic yuan isthe missing piece in the toolbox for mass surveillance of the Chinese population that he has introduced in recent years through the social credit system.

China's digital currency will strengthen supervision and control over all financial transactions carried out by the Chinese population... Those citizens who do not obey the will of the central government in Beijing will naturally be punished.

Many Western countries are following the path of China step by step, seeking to spur the emergence of a society of universal surveillance.

In the presence of government-supported digitalcurrencies that many countries want to introduce to compete with the Chinese initiative, there is a real danger that citizens around the world will no longer be able to enjoy the privacy rights of their money.

Will this be due to deliberateimplementation of their plans by web giants or plans of governments through state digital currencies, one thing you must know for sure - privacy is your birthright, which you must fight for every day.

By not taking part in this fight, you risk completely losing your right to privacy on the Internet.

Bitcoin is a pseudonymous network, which continually improves privacy protections to better resist oversight and control from government or internet giants.

Owning 0.1 BTC will ultimately give youthe ability to make transactions about which you do not want to become known to the state. The fact that you are not doing anything illegal does not mean that you have no right to privacy.

Bitcoin is part of the arsenal that youmust use to protect their online privacy rights. Along the same lines, I highly recommend that you switch to Brave Browser and not Google Chrome, which misuses your personal data.

Bitcoin is about participating in building a better world for all

Bitcoin brings with it a real revolution, with a goalwhich is to build a better and more just world for all. As a terrific financial integration tool, Bitcoin allows millions of people around the world to access basic banking services.

Millions of people living in countries with authoritarian regimes already use Bitcoin as "Plan A" in their daily life to protect themselves.

Bitcoin protects these people from hyperinflation, inconditions which they have lived for many years. The example of Iran speaks for itself. Unfortunately, the situation is the same, if not worse, in Venezuela, Lebanon, Argentina, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, ...

While hyperinflation or necessityprotecting oneself from the decisions of the authorities to increase censorship are not yet the most important problems for people in Western countries, they may well become such in the future.

By buying and then HOLD even 0.1 BTC, you thereby support the Bitcoin revolution.

Bitcoin needs you as much as you needin Bitcoin. By helping Bitcoin make its revolution, you are empowering millions of people who are not as fortunate in life as you are to use Bitcoin.

The most incredible thing about Bitcoin, in my opinion,lies in the fact that it combines individual and collective interests. Saving your bitcoins for a long time is of great benefit to you. And at the same time, it benefits millions of people who can also benefit from Bitcoin as a result.

Being part of a revolution like Bitcoin issomething completely exceptional that you want to experience from day to day. To join it and become a part of it, or stay away, depends only on you.

Bitcoin will help you increase your wealth

I must honestly admit that the majoritynew users initially come into the world of Bitcoin for reasons other than those I have just outlined here. What attracts newbies is mainly the seductive returns that Bitcoin has shown over the past decade.

As you've seen earlier in the chart, bitcoin's yield over the past ten yearsamounted to 9,000,000%.

Bitcoin has effectively turned $1 invested in 2010 into $90,000 by the end of 2019. History has never known such a yield in such a short period of time.So it's no surprise that bitcoin attracts so much attention.

Even though many people come to bitcoin for profitable financial investments, only a small part of them eventually becomes bitcoin-walkers.Those who take this next step have taken care to continue studying Bitcoin.For themselves, they realized what an important role Bitcoin will play in the future.

Becoming a real bitcoiner, you can really improve your wealth with Bitcoin. Of course, without understanding that for this youyou have to learn to think in the long term, you will not achieve this. You will have a key advantage over bitcoin traders and all those who immediately sell their bitcoins when the first bear market hits.

By the time you reach this point, you are aware of the hard-hitting truth about the existing monetary and financial system.Those 0.1 VTS originally purchased "just in case" will be youit's not enough.

After that, you will likely continue to buy bitcoins using the dollar value averaging (DCA) strategy.


In real life, pragmatism is oftenthe key to a winning investment. Whether you like Bitcoin or not, it's worth facing the truth, as many institutional investors have already done.

And the fact that Paul Tudor Joneschooses to invest in bitcoin rather than gold to hedge the big monetary inflation, or the fact that Grayscale investments has been buying up huge amounts of bitcoin since the beginning of the year is not surprising.

These people are professionals in the fieldinvestments that simply have to be pragmatic to maximize their profits. Bitcoin is currently the fastest horse in the race for profit. These are the realities of today.

Therefore, buying at least 0.1 BTC(if you can afford it) is a purely pragmatic decision that is likely to bring you huge dividends in the future, as I just showed you through the five rationales detailed in this story.

The world is evolving, and you must develop with it.