August 14, 2022

BBC: the owner of Tsargrad Konstantin Malofeev was involved in the theft of bitcoins from the Wex cryptocurrency exchange

On the sale of the Wex cryptocurrency exchange to the ex-militant of the Donetsk People’s Republic Dmitry "Sailor" Khavchenko, as well as a further conclusion withKonstantin Malofeev, the Russian entrepreneur, owner of the Tsargrad group of companies, was involved in her funds. This in the course of its own investigation, the BBC found out.

News service got access to a two-houraudio recordings of two men talking about the fate of the Wex exchange. Specialists identified the voices on the record as belonging to Konstantin Malofeev and “red admin” Wex Aleksey Bilyuchenko, the person who, along with Alexander Vinnik, was at the origins of the foundation of the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange.

BBC: the owner of Tsargrad Konstantin Malofeev was involved in the theft of bitcoins from the Wex cryptocurrency exchange

Alexey Bilyuchenko

The recording was allegedly made in July 2018.years - the interlocutors discuss the RBC note published on July 4 on the intentions of Sailor to buy the exchange. At the same time, the person with the voice of Malofeev demonstrates a deep involvement in Wex affairs.

“There is great suspicion among all participantsprocess that you have more than you put on the exchange. What you had to do with BTC-e is obvious, but on BTC-e there was much more than it turned out on Wex [...] You are kept afloat because I say that you are mine and I am responsible for you ” .

He offers the interlocutor to close the exchange.

“In May I told you [...] that we shouldwork that all decisions must be made by me. I told you? Spoke. And you went somewhere. I didn’t come for a long time. At this time, various events occur. The world does not stand still. [...] I say: "I do not need a promissory note, we close it." He will collapse, not himself, it does not concern me. ”

"Close the service, the worker who generates income ?!" - the person with admin’s voice is perplexed. “Listen, the income that he brings, it would be better if he did not bring”, - parries his interlocutor.

Judging by the conversation, the role of Sailor in Wex affairs is only nominal.

“We cannot introduce a single new person to the bill now. Already have a Sailor, " - says the man with the voice of Malofeev.

During the investigation, the BBC managed to find documentary evidence of the facts mentioned on the record.

From the testimony of Alexei Bilyuchenko as part ofThe criminal case under the article “fraud”, initiated by the investigator of Novocheboksarsk at the end of 2018, was brought before Konstantin Malofeev by lawyer Timofey Musatov, the current defender of Alexander Vinnik.

In turn, the former owner of Wex DmitryVasiliev said during interrogation that the creators of the exchange went to Malofeev for the "administrative resource." Musatov indirectly confirmed this in an interview with RBC in the summer of 2018, saying that Vasilyev “was looking for the support of the powerful” and “found it” in the end.

The BBC has a copy of the document,entitled “Memorandum of Understanding” and allegedly signed by Malofeev and Bilyuchenko. The goal of the project is to create, on the basis of Wex, a new legal cryptocurrency platform Vladex in Vladivostok "to preserve the financial and economic sovereignty of the Russian Federation."

In March 2018, Vladex company was registered in Vladivostok, 99% of which belong to 24-year-old Kirill Malofeev, the son of Konstantin Malofeev.

BBC: the owner of Tsargrad Konstantin Malofeev was involved in the theft of bitcoins from the Wex cryptocurrency exchange

Kirill Malofeev

Kirill Malofeev said that his company does not havenothing to do with the Vladex crypto exchange project, and he is not familiar with Alexei Bilyuchenko. When asked by the BBC correspondent why the mailing address on the Vladex website coincides with the legal address of Vladex LLC, Malofeev Jr. redirected him to his father’s press service.

In the audio recording, a man with the voice of Malofeev Sr. mentions Vladex several times and says that a paper on the creation of a “white and fluffy service” has already been signed at a high state level.

“So we seemed to have signed paper?” Asks the person with the admin’s voice. “We had a signed paper about to review. And now there will be concrete paper, " - the person with Malofeev’s voice replies, adding that Vladex’s will have its own stand at the upcoming Eastern Economic Forum.

Indeed, in the framework of the WEF in September 2018the then adviser to the president of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev spoke about the Vladex project at the session on digitalization of the economy and invited everyone to the Vladex booth to talk with the developers of the platform - Eugene and Anton.

According to the BBC, the latter is 35-year-old AntonNemkin, a former FSB officer and business partner of Moscow IT entrepreneur Yevgeny Zhulanov, who previously together with Malofeev owned Nikita, a mobile content provider.

BBC: the owner of Tsargrad Konstantin Malofeev was involved in the theft of bitcoins from the Wex cryptocurrency exchange

Anton Nemkin

The name of a certain “Anton” is constantly being discussed in the recording of a conversation between two men - admin had to give him the crypto-exchange user base in order to stay free.

“And the fact that you did not surrender to the state and at large,it’s only because they fit in with you. In any case, they will come to you. Because in any case, you promised and did not. And he promised Anton. He promised them there on the Lubyanka. It’s really possible like this - to promise and not to do the FSB? ” - says the man with the voice of Malofeev.

In the testimony Bilyuchenko said that at the meetingwith “Anton” on April 25, 2018, he invited him to give away cold wallets with assets of the Wex exchange. Admin handed them over, after which he was taken to the FSB reception room on the Kuznetsk bridge in Moscow, where several people in civilian clothes asked him questions about Wex for 40 minutes.

The next day, Bilyuchenko was again taken to the officeKonstatntina Malofeeva in the Novinsky Passage. There, admin affirms, “Anton” allegedly demanded to give all the cryptocurrency stored on Wex wallets, saying that it will go to the “FSB of Russia” fund.

Bilyuchenko said that he agreed to translateBitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, "fearing for their lives." At that time, $ 450 million was stored on the exchange in cryptocurrency, some of which belonged to Wex customers, admin says.

After two weeks, during which the interlocutors of Bilyuchenko probably created cryptocurrency wallets, Alexey Bilyuchenko, at the request of Anton, transferred the entire cryptocurrency from the exchange balance to new wallets.

Admin’s testimony is indirectly supported by dataportals that track cryptocurrency transactions. According to the data of the and portals, on May 16 30 thousand BTC and 700 thousand LTC left the well-known wallets of the exchange. At the rates in mid-May 2018, they cost about $ 350 million.

However, in mid-July, Bilyuchenko was again summoned for questioning by the FSB and demanded that the Wex user database be returned. About the same, as follows from the recording of the conversation, said the man with the voice of Malofeev.

“I’ll have to hand over the base anyway. This is not me, this is the state. And the fact that I did not surrender to the state and at large is only because they fit into you. [...] If you work for a big story that the state needs, in this case you have a completely different approach. [...] And who knows, maybe you are scrolling through Al Qaeda, Navalny there? ”

After a conversation at the reception of the FSB, Bilyuchenko returned toNovosibirsk, but a few days later the FSB officers talking to him rushed to him with a search, seized all the computer equipment and external media on which information was stored on the customer base and the remaining Wex crypto assets. True, according to a source close to the investigation, they never received the keys for decryption.

Now the parties to this case are accusing each other of embezzlement. According to Khavchenko, the exchange’s money allegedly remained with Bilyuchenko, since “the administrator did not provide facts refuting this.”

However, according to the Telegram channel “Case from the Cello”, $ 200 million in bitcoins and ether were distributed between Konstantin Malofeev, Dmitry Vasilyev, Dmitry and Daria Khavchenko.

“The son of Konstantin Malofeev bought for his shareCrowCrowd’s multi-gaming, and his dad tried to pay for a seat in the State Duma - bitcoins went to bribe the head of the Just Russia party Sergey Mironov. He, in exchange for the capital seized from Wex investors, should make Malofeev a deputy and provide a place in the State Duma. This will give parliamentary immunity to the cryptocurrency thief, ” - reports the authors of the channel.

According to them, the patron of Malofeev is the ex-assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Igor Shchegolev, the current envoy to the Central Federal District.

“On behalf of the embassy, ​​intermediaries proposebig money for correcting investigations and not initiating a big Wex case. The materials for this case are collected in the department "K" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Dmitry Vasilyev and his accomplices from the Khavchenko family after the arrest will inevitably testify against Malofeev. This will put Shchegolev’s informal pension into question ”, They claim.

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