March 4, 2024

BBC: None of Libra Association Members Contributes $ 10 Million

The BBC, citing its own sources, reported that apart from Facebook, none of the members of the Libra Associationdid not contribute the reimbursable $ 10 million to the Association’s fund.

One company told the BBCthat the General Assembly of the Association was held last week, but this issue was also not raised in its course. The company is ready to make investments as soon as necessary.

"Instead of collecting a lot of money frommany companies and then reflect on how to deal with them ... We must first formulate, discuss and ratify the budget, then agree on a fundraiser. This is the right way, ”the sources said.

It is interesting that, according to a representative of one ofcompanies, Facebook itself is trying to move away from the Libra Association. This is due to the constant pressure of regulators and legislators on the project and the social network.

Already today, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg should speak to US lawmakers on the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING, a Dutch financial group, said yesterday that banks could completely stop serving Facebook if the company launched Libra stablecoin.