April 21, 2024

Bayern Munich FC to issue digital tokens

FC Bayern Munich will issue digital tokens

The German football club today announced that it will partner with Stryking Entertainment to launchdigital collectibles. The items will be presented in the form of digital cards featuring images of FC Bayern Munich players.

Stryking will also create a game in which cardholders can participate. Fans will be able to create virtual teams and play with each other.

It is expected that other clubs will begin to cooperate with Stryking to obtain a license to participate in the system.

Blockchain is gaining popularity recentlyamong football clubs. The English Premier League club Manchester City are also about to tokenize their players. Fans will be able to create and train a digital team of players using real match statistics.

Also last month, the English football club Everton signed an agreement with the eToro trading and investment platform as an “official online trading partner”.

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