June 6, 2023

Battle royale players can earn bitcoins

Battle royale players can earn bitcoins

Satoshis.Games introduced its new Battle Royale game called Litenite, which integrates bitcoins (BTC) directly into the gameplay. Players will earn or lose BTC depending on their in-game achievements.

Users will be able to use these funds to purchase in-game items or simply withdraw cryptocurrency to any compatible wallet using the Lightning network.

Gamers not familiar with cryptocurrency alsowill be able to access Litenite, but will receive game points instead of BTC and use them to purchase items. However, Satoshis.Games believes that such players will soon realize the benefits of cryptocurrencies and will also begin to use BTC.

Litenite provides users with a wideOpportunities for interacting with cryptocurrency through cash rewards for killing or a fine for death. Players can also collect bitcoins lost by killed players.

Satoshis.Games claims that Litenite will “be available on all major game distribution platforms,” although its development is not yet complete.

The current roadmap suggests that a preliminary version of the game will be launched by November 2019, and a full launch is scheduled for early next year.

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