October 1, 2022

Bank of Lithuania will issue collection tokens

The Lithuanian Central Bank has announced the issuance of a digital collection coin dedicated to the signing of the Act on independence. This was reported on the official website of the bank.

The Bank of Lithuania plans to issue 24 thousand tokens by the spring of 2020. It will be possible to buy and store tokens through the electronic office of the bank.

Each coin will be dedicated to one of twentydelegates who signed the independence document, so users can collect tokens. Coins will be divided into six categories, depending on the area of ​​activity of the delegates.

When buying a digital coin, users will receive 6 randomly selected tokens, and only after receiving a token from each category will they be able to redeem a physical silver coin worth € 19.18.

The Central Bank noted that the issuance of collectible digital currency will give the regulator experience in creating such assets.

"This is especially true now, since central banks discuss these topics more openly, and the outlines of such currencies are gradually appearing," - said a member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania Marius Jurgilas.

Recall that in September it became known that Bitcoin vouchers will begin to be sold in Lithuanian stores.