Jul 1, 2022

Bank of Israel is studying Ethereum technology to create digital shekel

The Bank of Israel has adopted the technology of Ethereum for the pilot launch of the digital shekel, according to the Israeli financial daily newspaper Globes.

Until the presenter of the central bank did not provide any recommendations for this reason.

Paнee Deputy Head of the Central Bank of Israel AndrewThe abbot talked about the development of the CBDC, it was sent to the conference of the Fair Price Forum IDC Herzliya, about which in the Monday of The Jerusalem Post.

On the question of whether the Bank of Israel is developing a pilot project with a digital shekel, Abir answered affirmatively. However, he is not very enthusiastic about the need for a CBDC.

In addition, the official added that the likelihoodthe fact that the digital shekel will be launched within five years is 20%. At the same time, this "likelihood has slightly increased over the past year, because other countries are actively moving forward, but still less than 50%."