Jul 1, 2022

Danske Bank maintains a ban on bitcoin, despite the interest of customers

The largest commercial bank of Denmark, Danske Bank A / S, has declared that it will keep the ban on trading in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on their platforms, even in spite of the obvious interest of customers in experiments with such assets.

The bank is ready to look at its position, as only the market for cryptocurrencies “grows mature and will regulate,” says the company’s statement.

In addition, the Finnish organization notedLack of transferability of the cryptocurrency, which is able to stir the bank to fight financial crushes and money laundering. The administrator is particularly sensitive to such risks, since it remains the object of criminal law enforcement in the United States and Europe for money laundering allegations.

Danske also stated that the "dark side"prices and high volatility make the cryptocurrency risky for its customers. In addition, in the quality of water, carbon emissions from the ample power of computers, which are necessary for BTC mining, are generated.