April 21, 2024

Bakkt launched impact on the cryptocurrency market

Bakkt launched impact on the cryptocurrency market

Today marks the long-awaited launch of a platform for trading physical Bitcoin futures. DuringLast month, the launch of Bakkt was one of the most discussed topics in the crypto space, as it is the first of its kind platform complying with the laws of the United States.

Bakkt's impact on the crypto market

Bakkt– The first platform to offer physically delivered Bitcoin futures to clients. This means that the client will receive BTC at the end of the contract.

The launch of a new platform should have an impactpositive impact on the cryptocurrency industry. The community believes that this product has the potential to change the attitude of institutional investors toward Bitcoin and attract their capital to the industry.

At the same time, the price of BTC is still tradingbelow $10,000 and testing support levels at $9,600. No significant impact was noted on Bitcoin after the launch, and the cryptocurrency still continues to trade near $10,000 levels.

As users of social networks note, now is the time to open short positions with the possibility of good earnings on them.