October 20, 2020

The USA has issued a patent for blockchain-voting

The US Post Office has sent a patent to the voice over the mail, which uses the blockchain technology.

Patent given in february and published on thursday, followedIn the words of President Donald Trump, about the fact that the vote on the post will turn into a submission of newsletters, which will be filled with people and people.

“The voting system will useblockchain and mail security to ensure a reliable voice system. The registered voter will receive a machine-readable code by mail, certify his identity and confirm the correctness of the information in the bulletin for the choice. The system separates the identification of the voter and the voter, in order to prevent anonymity, and keeps the voices in the block, - says in the message of the mail service.

The patent application on 47 pages contains 31 graphs showing the various components of the voter system, including all stages of the electronic process.

Often, the voter cannot or does not want to go toelectoral district to vote. An employee of the electoral commission can send the secure bulletins by mail, or the person can choose to use an electronic source for the voices. In such cases, a safe voiding system is required.

The blockchain cast system can increaseReliability and safety of the postal service of the USA or another organization, thereby excluding the falsification or alteration of the results of the electronic voice.

At the same time, Donald Trump declared about the possibility of financing the Post Office, if it will send you the bulletins by the end of 2020.