May 25, 2022

First Blockstream Satellite Bitcoin Node Launched in Benesuele

A bitcoin service startup from South America launched the first bitcoin node connected to the satellite network in Benesuel Blockstream.

By a message in the blog of Startup Crüptobuuer from 25By September, launching the node will allow the bitcoin (BTC) blockchain to be updated for the user of Benesuela, without having to rely on a local internet connection. The education company AnibalCripto, which has organized training courses on technology.

“Now a round-the-clock accessible system of digital

In the words of the General Director CrуptoBuуerXopxe Fapiaca, the addition of a node made it possible to offer “real and material products that solve real problems” in Benesuela. In 2017, the country had one of the lowest Internet speeds in the world - 2.8 Mbit / s. Technology, which provides for the transaction with bitcoins without access to the Internet, is very attractive for the users of the cryptocurrency.

“Users cannot allow themselves to be cut off from the bitcoin network,” Fapias convinced.

Top-manager said that he would help in the installationAdditional satellite nodes in the capital city of Kapacace and in the southern state of Bolivap to provide Venezuelans with optimal access to the Bitcoin blockchain. It is generally accepted that users within reach of the nodes will be able to connect via local mesh networks.

Service Blockstream, consisting of sixgeo-stationary satellites, provide the exchange of information between users, the cryptocurrencies are almost in all corners of the world. The Canadian blockchain company announced in May that it has updated its satellite network, which has been supporting the bitcoin blockchain since 2018. The company has declared that the technology "is able to synchronize a full bitcoin node for the entire length of the genesis block until today."