February 1, 2023

AZAPI asks US regulators to add Telegram to the list of pirated resources

The Internet Copyright Protection Association (AZAPI) has submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) letter asking you to recognize Telegram messenger as a pirated resource.

The letter emphasizes that recently inTelegram recorded a large number of copyright infringements by Russian copyright holders. If the SEC puts the messenger in the "Special Report 301", US regulators and law enforcement agencies will more closely monitor Telegram and respond more strictly to violations.

“We see that the number of violations is growing in Telegramcopyrights, and the messenger’s leadership takes a passive position and applies only temporary and very soft sanctions to malicious violators. Telegram only responds to claims from the App Store, as it knows that Apple can remove it from its application store at the request of copyright holders, ”the letter says.

According to the management of AZAPI, with the launch of the platformThe Telegram Open Network and the Gram cryptocurrencies may escalate even more, as pirates will get a very convenient way to sell illegal content.

AZAPI representing a large number of interestsRussian publishers, including AST, Eksmo, and ABC-Atticus, first tried to contact the Telegram management. According to the Association, in the messenger there are more than 170 large channels distributing illegal copies of books. However, the appeal remained unanswered by the Telegram administration.

Recall that the SEC already has questions forTelegram messenger regarding the sale of tokens in 2018. In early 2020, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov and two other company employees must testify on the SEC lawsuit. The commission believes that Telegram conducted an illegal ICO, during which it raised $ 1.7 billion.