June 7, 2023

Avalanche C and X networks experienced a massive outage

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Avalanche C and X networks experienced a massive outage

Two networks of the Avalanche project are experiencing problems at once. Network C, used for DeFi applications, was down for an hour, and Network X, which is dedicated to transferring funds, has transaction delays.

Cryptocurrency project Avalanche differs fromconventional blockchains by the presence of parachains - separate networks for various needs. The developers managed to restore the C network, on the basis of which smart contracts function and the MetaMask wallet works. However, no transactions were written to the blocks for about an hour. Network X, which is necessary for the movement of funds, is experiencing problems with transactions. However, they, although with a delay, are recorded in the blockchain - some nodes continue to remain disconnected. With the P network, which works for staking and validators, there are no problems in sight.

“There are problems with network stability.A bug was found in client version 1.9.12. We have already released a hotfix, so please update to version 1.9.14 as soon as possible,” writes Ava Labs co-founder and COO Kevin Sekniqi.

Against the background of these problems, the Korean cryptocurrencyUpbit exchange has suspended deposits and withdrawals in AVAX coins. At the same time, the situation did not affect the coin rate too much - the cost of AVAX fell by 3.4%, but at the moment it has almost recovered.

At the beginning of the year, cloud service provider Amazon added the ability to quickly deploy Avalanche nodes to its platform.