August 4, 2021

Austria uses blockchain to search for sources of excess heat

Austria will use blockchain to search for objects that generate excessive heat in Vienna and Graz to use it for public heating.

Austrian HotCity ProjectInstitute of Technology (AIT), is a system that uses the resources of sources of increased thermal energy in the cities of Vienna and Graz for public heating. The platform will operate on the basis of the Ignis blockchain, which is part of the Ardor ecosystem developed by the Swiss company Jelurida.

Given that Vienna has one ofthe largest central heating network in Europe, this initiative has several advantages. The system will allow the use of thermal emissions of various enterprises to provide consumers with energy. This will reduce energy consumption by 75% and reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions.

On the HotCity platform will be presented accurateevidence for improved urban planning in Vienna and Graz. The project has already received € 310,000 in funding from the Austrian Federal Ministry to combat climate change, preserve the environment, as well as develop energy, innovation and technology in the country.

The project organizers noted that largeExcessive heat sources, such as factories and data centers, are easy to detect, but the thermal energy from small sources remains unused. According to the project manager, Dr. Ernst Gebetsroither-Geringer, Vienna produces 400 GW / hr of excess heat that can be used efficiently.

The essence of the project is to clearlyidentify these "heat points". Using a special application, residents of Vienna and Graz will be able to provide information about them by doing independent on-site checks or by scanning photos and Google maps. For the provision of data, citizens will receive tokens, which can then be exchanged for certain goods or services. The blockchain will be used to protect data, ensure their confidentiality and exchange tokens for special vouchers.

Gobetsroyter-Goeringer added that in the futurethe system will be able to be used by enterprises wishing to sell surplus thermal energy, but at the moment HotCity does not provide such functions. Testing of the platform was scheduled for the beginning of the year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the developers postponed the launch of the pilot project in October, when the heating season opens.

Recall that last year Vienna begandevelopment of our own Vienna token token (“Vienna Token”), which can be obtained by providing feedback on the city or using bicycles instead of transport, and then exchange it for various services.