February 1, 2023

Attackers emptied Coinbase user account using SIM swap

A user of the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase became a victim of SIM swap, as a result of which lost all funds from your account. He described the details of the incident on the Reddit website.

On the afternoon of December 10, the author of the post noticed that on histhe phone lost the T-Mobile mobile network. Since the operator had previously had interruptions in service, and the phone was also connected to a Wi-Fi network, the user did not attach much importance to this.

A little later, he began to receive emails about changing account passwords, new devices and suspicious logins. Then the user realized that he was the victim of SIM swap.

“Someone cloned my SIM card and got all 2FA passwords from Coinbase, email accounts, and other accounts. By the time I got into my Coinbase account, it was empty. ” - told the victim.

He also said that the exchange support service, having learned this story, simply threw up its hands, since they do not have the authority to prevent such actions by intruders.

Recall in November the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchangeA lawsuit was filed for violation of the security protocol, as a result of which a site user who was a victim of SIM swap lost 100 BTC (about $ 920 thousand at that time).