October 22, 2020

Atari VCS cryptocurrency gaming console

Atari VCS cryptocurrency gaming console

Video game pioneer Atari is gearing up to launch a new console for the first time in 20 years. Atari VCS will be equipped with built-in cryptocurrency functionality.

Although the launch date is the same asWith the release of the new consoles of the industry's heavyweights, Atari is betting on a different market. The company believes that its gaming system will be in good demand among gamers who grew up on the legendary Atari consoles.

For the first time in more than two decades, legendary studio Atari is ready to release its new hardware. But this time the company will add a "cryptocurrency zest" to the upgrade.

Atari was once an incredibly popular gamingcompany, then it lost the favor of its audience and even went through bankruptcy. Now, facing stiff competition from Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation, which are gearing up to launch their new game consoles, the company is trying to restore its former glory by giving gamers the ability to spend cryptocurrency while playing.

Atari VCS, called Mini Console or Gamingcomputer, was first announced a few years ago, but its release is not expected until next month. The device will offer access to over 100 arcade games and home classics from Atari.

In an effort to stay relevant, Atari is bringing cryptocurrency to the equation by allowing consumers to buy products using Atari tokens, which will go on sale in late October.

The sale of Atari tokens for a total of $ 1 million starts on October 29 on the Bitcoin.com exchange. The price of one token for retail investors outside the US will be $ 0.25.

Crypto assets can be used forin-game purchases and acquisitions in affiliate games. Ultimately, if the company's efforts to create a standard currency for the industry are successful, tokens will be used across the entire gaming ecosystem.

Atari is said to be working on a gaming stablecoin, but according to its CEO Frederic Chenet, who pulled Atari out of bankruptcy in 2013, there is still a long way to go.

“We have a brand, we have followers, and wewe think that in any case we will attract attention to ourselves, - noted Chenet, adding that in his understanding, the iPhone is a greater competitor than the Xbox or PlayStation. "If so, the product must be good."

The cryptocurrency promotion is part of Frederic Chenet's seven-year effort to strengthen and modernize Atari SA.

To date, more than 11,500 people have pre-ordered new hardware through the Indiegogo crowdfunding site, where Atari has campaigned and raised over $ 3 million.

“Let's see how it goes,” Chenet said.

We don't have to sell millions of consoles since launch, this is a long-term job. "

Dubious experiment

At first glance, the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the mostthe heart of a new gaming system may seem like a successful way to promote technology to a mainstream audience. However, only time will tell how successful the experiment with VCS will be.

There are many factors that can limit the attractiveness of a new product, including the $ 390 price tag. For comparison, the Xbox S series will cost the consumer $ 300.

It is also important not to forget about competition, namely,Intellivision Entertainment is releasing a retro-like product that could draw attention to itself. Amico will launch next year with a starting price of $ 249.

Another obstacle to faceAtari is bringing retro gamers to the market today. Yes, the recent interest in Pokemon trading cards speaks to a thirst for nostalgia among 30+ users, in Atari's case the target will be an even more mature fan base.

Atari tries to recover from bankruptcy in2013 year. Then Frederick Chesnays took over the company. Today, however, Atari has only about 20 employees, and its stock is not doing well.

Finally, the coronavirus pandemic could be noticeableto hit consumer spending in the coming holiday season. Increased financial uncertainty and high unemployment could cloud a new product launch.

However, if VCS does bring success to the company, it could accelerate the growth of mainstream user engagement in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Atari VCS cryptocurrency gaming console


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