February 9, 2023

At Binance, a record increase in bitcoin futures trading volume

At Binance, a record increase in bitcoin futures trading volume

The Binance futures platform was launched just a month ago, but the results are already impressive: yesterday trading volume exceeded $ 700 million, setting a new record.

Binance Futures set a personal record

According to data provided by Skew analystsMarkets, October 15, BTC / USD futures trading volumes exceeded $ 700 million, or about 84,000 BTC. Moreover, the growth in recent days is really impressive: on October 14, volumes amounted to about $ 500 million, and a day earlier they did not reach even $ 400 million.

As a result, Binance Futures reached thirda place among the platforms providing access to trade in bitcoin futures. Now it is overtaken only by BitMEX and Huobi. It is noteworthy that on October 14, the volume of trading in BitMEX futures came close to $ 3 billion, so Binance has yet to reach for leadership.

And how are the “serious” players in the market doing?Bitcoin Futures? CME and Bakkt cannot even boast of such results: the number of open positions at CME is 2.847 BTC, and this is not about the daily volume. Everything is very sad at Bakkt - the volume for today is 17 BTC.

What does the growth in the volume of trading in BTC futures indicate?

The success of Binance in the futures market fell onBitcoin crash. For a day, the first cryptocurrency lost 2%, dropping from $ 8.340 to $ 8.155. At the same time, the daily volume of BTC is at a fairly neutral level - $ 15 billion.

A sharp surge in trading volumes oftenindicates that the bulls are preparing for a new jerk of quotes. Given that volumes at Binance Futures have been skyrocketing for the past 5 days, this behavior may signal an approaching rally. Nevertheless, one cannot speak about this explicitly - other platforms are experiencing noticeable drawdowns, and the trading volumes of the cryptocurrency themselves do not show outstanding results.

It is possible that the growth in trading on Binance Futures -this is just a side effect of the development of the young platform, or maybe the whales decided to concentrate their forces there. If Bitcoin really arranges a rally in the coming days, the Binance futures platform will really prove itself as a tool for serious players.