November 27, 2022

Artificial development program in Russia until 2030

Artificial development program in Russia until 2030

The President of Russia approved the technology development strategy, which he considers the most important in history. Yes speech It's about artificial intelligence.

Putin kicked off AI development in Russia

The document signed by the President providesAI development program, designed until 2030. During this time, it is planned to invest in the education of specialized personnel, software development, research and improving the availability of quality data for AI.

In addition to signing this document, Putininstructed to add a new federal project related to artificial intelligence to the national program “Digital Economy”. The government must comply with this requirement by December 15 of the current year, after which it annually reports to the president on the work done.

According to the document, the role of artificialintelligence can be crucial for the Russian economy, as well as the whole world as a whole. It is expected that global economic development will exceed $ 1 trillion due to new technologies. If Russia lags behind in the development of AI, its economic growth may slow down significantly.

Thus, Vladimir Putin once again confirmedserious intentions regarding AI. Given that the president considers this technology to be the most important for humanity, and the country that will receive an undeniable advantage as the future owners of the world, the government will spare neither money nor time for artificial intelligence.

One can only hope that carriers of completely natural intelligence will not saw through most of the allocated funds.