February 22, 2024

Argentine customs confiscated over 2,200 mining devices

When importing equipment, the price of the lot was overstated by about $5 million.

Argentine customs officers2,233 mining devices were confiscated, local publication Ambito reported. The reason for the seizure of equipment was the indication of inflated prices for imported devices.

In the documents provided upon importation into the country,the cost of the entire batch of cars was $21.9 million. According to preliminary estimates of the customs, the discrepancy between the indicated and the real cost of the equipment was about $5 million.

The price of one Whatsminer device wasset at $10 thousand, while according to customs, the cost of one such miner does not exceed $7.7 thousand. An additional examination will be carried out for more accurate calculations.

Machines owned by a US companyshipped to Argentina from China. The equipment was sent to the free economic zone of La Plata, which is not subject to the provisions of the country's customs code. According to investigators, the scammers used this route, since it is not necessary to issue a SIMI (Integrated Import Monitoring System) declaration for transit to a special territory.