August 8, 2022

ArcelorMittal to build the world's first non-polluting steel plant

ArcelorMittal to build the world's first non-polluting steel plant

The largest metallurgical companyArcelorMittal has announced plans to build the world's first green steel plant that will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

Every year metallurgical enterprises produce1.8 billion tons of steel, while emitting twice as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. According to researchers, the industry accounts for up to 8% of all anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Therefore, ArcelorMittal, which now produces about 5% of the world's steel volume, concluded with the government Spain agreement on the joint construction of the first non-polluting metallurgical plant.

The initial capacity of the project is 1.6 milliontons of steel per year. Instead of coke and a blast furnace, a hydrogen direct reduction unit with a capacity of 2.3 million tons will be used to reduce iron, and for the second stage, the company will build a hybrid electric arc furnace with a capacity of 1.1 million tons, which will operate on renewable electricity.

A significant part of the funds will come from the state fund in the amount of € 500 million (almost $ 590 million).

Besides Spain, Sweden also plans to buildenterprise of "green" metallurgy for $ 3 billion. The Scandinavian plant H2 Green Steel should be launched in 2024, and reach its design capacity of 5 million tons of steel by 2030.

However, in total, the enterprises will be able to produce only 0.4% of the current average annual volume of steel.