June 15, 2021

ARABIC CASH - an oasis at the time of correction: Why is it better to wait out the storm of the crypto market in a young DeFi project?

ARABIC CASH - an oasis at the time of correction: Why is it better to wait out the storm of the crypto market in a young DeFi project?

On May 19, the earth fell from under the feet of the entire crypto community. Bitcoin forgot to take pills and in just 2 hours crashed more than 30%.And behind him was the whole viola market, and for some of them this fall turned out to be much more painful. Europe watched the steep fall in real time, and for Americans it was truly St.Bartholomew's Night.

Many trumpeted the beginning of the correction.And right before this drop, one of the most accurate signals came from a young DeFi project straight from the Emirates called Arabic Cash. Referring to market indicators, experts foresaw the approach of a global correction on their Telegram channel.

ARABIC CASH - an oasis at the time of correction: Why is it better to wait out the storm of the crypto market in a young DeFi project?

What is known about Arabic Cash?

Arabic Cash positions itself as the first DeFia project aimed at attracting investments in e-commerce of the United Arab Emirates, offering a financial instrument for loans and deposits. This is a completely independent project, that is, it has nothing to do with the state. However, the very fact of the existence of this investment instrument can help in the development of the global blockchain strategy for 2021, which is already being implemented in the Emirates.

Founders of Arabic Cash reserve the rightincognito, as is already the case in DeFi projects like Bakery Swap, Bao Finance or Sushi Swap. But it is known that the project was initiated by a large real estate company in the Emirates. Upon request to the official mail [email protected], we were told that at the moment it is unprofitable for the project to build a campaign on the big names of the founders:

“… Revealing the identities of the founders of Arabic Cash atthis stage may negatively affect the conduct of the Private Sale. A limited number of ABIC tokens have been allocated for this phase of the project's development. The high reputation of the creators of the project can attract excessive attention of large investors, which threatens the accumulation of a large number of assets by a small number of investors. Then the meaning of DeFi is simply lost, since a certain monopoly will be present in the project. Therefore, now Arabic Cash remains the most common DeFi project to distribute start-up assets evenly ... "

The anonymity of the project founders is alwaysalarming, especially in the early stages of development. But looking at Arabic Cash, it's clear that the project is on track. Recently, there has been more news about the project on prestigious media platforms, including Coinmarketcap, and last week Arabic Cash got two new information platforms on YouTube and Instagram.

How does Arabic Cash work?

Crypto giants Bitcoin and Ethereum with developmentare becoming more and more unattractive for ordinary crypto enthusiasts - their commission for transfers can sometimes be higher than the transfer amount itself. So, for example, sending $ 40 on the ERC20 network to another account, you will not receive anything.

But as one might expect, there appear in the arenanew players who can offer fantastic value for money. One of them is Binance with its BEP20 protocol. For an instant transfer of any amount, you will pay in the region of 20 cents for gas. It is on this basis that the ABIC token of the Arabic Cash cryptocurrency DeFi project was created. This opens up great horizons for development, because in a competitive environment only those who can be most useful survive.

Now Arabic Cash is holding a closed PrivateSale, where anyone (who has $ 1000) can become owners of several tens of thousands of ABIC tokens. The token price in the Second round is $ 0.07. The pre-sale takes place in the most usual mode - through the bot in Telegram. According to the development team: Telegram has a wide audience reach and is understood by the absolute majority of crypto investors.

Why wait out the market crash in Arabic Cash?

The correction is just beginning!Remembering 2018 and 2014, we can assume that this is only the first bell before a protracted downward dive. And there are not so many ways out of this situation: either register in USDT, or look for projects for long-term investment. And Arabic Cash can serve as such a project. If this tool sticks to the roadmap, we may see the new DeFi asset grow exponentially this year. Looking back at the entire DeFi market, which grossed more than $ 85 billion in a year, it is safe to say that the growth trend will continue, and Arabic Cash may be on the heels of Pancake and Bakery early next year.

ABIC is now costing early adopters $ 0.07 and this is only Round Two. In the Third Round, which starts on June 1, we should expect a price increase. The Arabic Cash team also reported that Round Three is preparing good news for investors, allegedly in connection with a general correction. We hope this will concern the minimum entry threshold, because against the backdrop of the global collapse, $ 1000 seems like a large limit even for those who made good money on the rise of the market.

We continue to monitor the development of DeFi Arabic Cash. You can find more information about the project on the project's official Telegram channel.