February 5, 2023

Apple is trying to strangle jailbrokers

Apple tries to strangle jailbrokers

The jailbreak community is indignant - Apple has recently used the Copyright Act in Digital Age (DMCA) to force Twitter to delete the record containing the iPhone decryption key.

December 7th Siguza Security Researchershared the decryption key for the iPhone on his Twitter. This key could be used to reengineer the Secure Enclave chip built into the iPhone, which stores passwords, biometrics and other encrypted data. However, according to Siguza, this method is not a way of decrypting data or covertly gaining control of a device.

Apple tries to strangle jailbrokers

Just two days later, a legal representativeApple sent a notification to Twitter asking to delete the tweet. The social network obeyed by deleting the post. Tweet reappeared yesterday, and according to Siguza, “Apple’s claim was withdrawn and the company asked to reinstate the publication.”

It is worth noting that the Reddit portal also received several message removal requests, in which researchers and security hackers discuss hacking methods on the Apple iPhone.

Security researchers view recent events as an attempt by Apple to “strangle” the jailbreak community in the legal field.

Apple is already in litigationlitigation against Corellium, a mobile virtualization company. Corellium software allows security researchers and hackers to create digital copies of iOS devices to detect and test vulnerabilities. The research community has already criticized Apple's decision to sue Corellium.