June 6, 2023

Apple Removes Bitcoin White Paper from Latest macOS Beta

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Apple Removes Bitcoin White Paper from Latest macOS Beta

Apple has removed the Bitcoin White Paper from the latest beta version of the macOS operating system without any announcement or warning. This has been noticed by some users.

Apple site 9to5Mac reported thatthe company removed a test application called Virtual Scanner II from the latest macOS Ventura 13.4 beta, after which the Bitcoin white paper disappeared.

“This largely confirms ourthe original theory that the Bitcoin white paper, like the Virtual Scanner II internal tool, was never meant to be found by regular users,” concludes 9to5Mac.

Blogger Andy Baio back in early Aprilreported that the file is hidden in every modern version of macOS. He said he was "just trying to fix my printer" and scan a document with a wireless scanner when suddenly a device called Virtual Scanner II appeared on the network, which he had never seen before.

Baio said that “on the Internet, it’s practicallynothing” and shared a thread of posts on Twitter by designer Joshua Dickenson from 2020. Dickens also found the white paper Baio used to locate the file. After that, other theories appeared, for example, that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Meanwhile, an Australian programmer andEntrepreneur Craig Wright, who is known to the crypto community as “the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto,” claimed that Apple was violating his copyright on the main document of the first cryptocurrency. Wright's response was met with several sarcastic tweets urging him to sue a US corporation.