May 15, 2021

AntMiner E9 hashrate will be around 3,000 MH / s

AntMiner E9 hashrate will be around 3,000 MH / s

Bitmain talked about the future features of Ethereum ASIC, which was announced late last week.

According to the company's tweet, the hashrate of one AntMiner E9 will be equal to a farm of 32 Nvidia 3080 GPUs.

One Nvidia 3080 graphics card delivers 91.5 megahash per second (MH / s). 32 graphics cards will provide 2928MH / s. At today's prices, that's about $ 311 per day.

Today, the most productive ETH mining market is the A10 Pro from InnoSilicon. It offers 740 MH / s and mines 0.04331290 ETH per day (about $ 90 at current exchange rates).

Bitmain keeps intrigue by claiming triplesuperiority, but at the same time does not announce the power consumption of the new miner and the price of the product, so it is still difficult to calculate the profitability of mining.

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