January 27, 2023

Another Satoshi Nakamoto: former DJ claims to be co-founder of Bitcoin

A user of the social network Twitter published a video from the WorldCryptoCon conference held in Los Angeles on which he argues with another self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto.

In the video, former DJ from Germany Jörg Molt(Jorg Molt) calls himself “the co-founder of Bitcoin” and “one of the few real experts on blockchain and cryptocurrencies”. In addition, Molt claimed to own 250,000 BTC.

Before, Molt’s name was already associated with several fraudulent schemes, including the so-called Satoshi School, where he teaches people Bitcoin and the blockchain. The school website reports:

“Satoshi School is the only one that teachesexclusively to Bitcoin and the blockchain wherever convenient for you. It was founded in 2016 by Bitcoin co-founder Jorg Molt, who has been working in digital money projects since 1995. ”

The famous cryptocurrency enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos wrote in his Twitter account:

“It seems like a German named Jörg Moltshows a selfie with me and calls me his friend. It's a lie! I don’t know him at all. I heard that he calls himself the founder of Bitcoin and claims to own thousands of BTC. LYING!".

Recently, another self-proclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright, said he could not pay half a million BTC to the family of his former partner Dave Kleiman.