April 17, 2021

Another Norwegian billionaire invested in bitcoin

Another Norwegian billionaire invested in bitcoin

Norwegian billionaire Oystein Stray Spetalen has invested in both Bitcoin and the local crypto exchange MiraiEx.

According to the publication, Spetalen recently bought BTC and also invested in the Norwegian crypto platform MiraiEx. The amount of investment has not yet been disclosed.

Spetalen's opinion on bitcoin only in the pastweek was diametrically opposite. On March 18, he stated that cryptocurrency is "hostile" to the environment and that regulators in the EU should ban it entirely.

At the DNB Invest conference, Spetalen said:

Bitcoin today consumes as much energy as the whole of Norway. It is extremely hostile to the environment ... the authorities and the EU should ban it immediately.

However, after talking with the founders of MiraiEx, he changed his mind, Spetalen said, and decided to make money on cryptocurrency following the example of other Norwegian investors.

Kjell Inge Rökke is another Norwegian investor,controlling the local holding company Aker ASA. On March 8, the company announced the creation of a new division that will focus on “investing in bitcoin projects and companies,” starting with the purchase of 1,170 BTC ($ 58.5 million).

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