September 19, 2021

Another giant of financial services has opened up cryptoceptives to rich clients

Banking holding company Wells Fargo has also joined the crypto company - the giant of financial services has begun to provide access to the cryptocurrency of the main clients.


B 2021 banks, hedge funds,investment funds, pencion funds, asset management companies and financial institutions - all of them are traditional producers of alcoholic drinks.

In mae, when the company became public,The Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Management division under the name Wells Fargo Investment Institute has announced plans to implement for its qualified equipment management

Searches for "professionally controlled solution"stayed for a few months, and, as the overseer said As we can see, the delay was less than a month.

The Wells Fargo division for asset and investment management monitors assets for about $ 2 trillion.

Competitors JPMorgan and Morgan Stanle have also recently opened access to cryptocurrencies to rich clients. In all cases, these decisions are taken at the request of the clients of the banks.