February 4, 2023

Another Feykatoshi appeared on the network, who claims to own 250,000 BTC

Another Feykatoshi appeared on the network, who claims to own 250,000 BTC

Satoshi Nakamoto is a legendary figure in the cryptocurrency industry, in whose possession theoretically can be around 700,000 BTC, or just under $ 6.5 billion.

Many people have repeatedly tried to solve the mystery.Satoshi, and some of them even “try on” the name of the mysterious creator. But so far, none of these applicants have been able to prove their involvement in the creation of the first cryptocurrency.

The last applicant who claims to beSatoshi Nakamoto became a German named Jörg Molt. This is not the first time he has announced that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but this was able to reach its peak at the Blockchain Week event in Las Vegas. He claims to own 250,000 BTC, or just under $ 2.5 billion.

But, the feikatoshi quickly lost confidence, and was called a fraudster by members of the community.

Note Satoshi Nakamoto made hugeefforts to hide from the world. And if he wanted to reveal his identity, he would have done it a long time ago. There is hope that the real identity of Satoshi will still appear, but fraudsters can only dream of possessing at least half the intelligence of the mysterious creator. People who have achieved something like Satoshi Nakamoto do not flaunt their possessions and do not gloat over others. Satoshi Nakamoto is the person or group who is likely to remain a secret forever, and this secret only adds to the appeal of Bitcoin.