February 22, 2024

Andreessen Horowitz talks about the cryptocurrency course for entrepreneurs

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has revealed details about the launch of a free training coursecryptocurrencies for entrepreneurs.

The program will begin in February 2020 andwill last about seven weeks. The speakers at the lectures will be employees of Paradigm, Union Square Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Calibra, Scalar Capital and other blockchain companies.

General partner Andreessen Horowitz ChrisDixon (Chris Dixon) said that the program is designed for entrepreneurs interested in implementing blockchain in their activities. The seminars will examine commercial models of cryptocurrencies, the economics of cryptocurrencies, strategies for attracting finance and entering the market, computing processes and other topics related to cryptocurrencies.

As the course organizers specified, participants should have minimal technical knowledge and be prepared to learn the programming language Solidity and Ethereum.

“We work in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrenciesfor about seven years, so our team has enough knowledge about product development, startup organization and regulatory affairs to train entrepreneurs and tech workers from different countries,” — said Chris Dixon, adding that the training seminars will help develop existing projects and inspire those who are just about to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Venture company Andreessen Horowitz for a long timeis a supporter of cryptocurrencies. According to Dixon, the firm has been supporting Coinbase and Ripple since 2013. In addition, in June last year, the investment giant launched a cryptocurrency fund in the amount of more than $ 300 million, and in September held a meeting with US regulators to convince them of the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.