May 23, 2024

Andreas Antonopoulos: Google quantum computer does not threaten bitcoin

Well-known entrepreneur and preacher of cryptophilosophy Andreas Antonopoulos said that the launchGoogle’s super-powerful quantum computer poses no threat to bitcoin.

A few weeks ago, Google announced the creation of the world's most powerful quantum machine.

Many representatives of the crypto community were concerned about the capabilities of the new computer, since it is potentially capable of cracking any cryptographic protection.

Nevertheless, Antonopoulos believes that there is no cause for alarm:

“What effect will this have on mining and the world of cryptocurrencies in general? Whistle, nothing, absolutely nothing happened. ”

It was reported that the new Google computer is capable ofin a few minutes, calculate what other machines would take tens of thousands of years to do. In this regard, the corporation started talking about "quantum superiority."

Antonopoulos said that a new computer and its power have little to do with cryptocurrencies.

“This quantum supremacy is about applying quantum computers to solve specific problems. These are not the problems we are talking about when we mention breaking cryptography." —he stated.

The entrepreneur is also convinced that Bitcoin developers will be able to update digital signature algorithms as quantum computing develops.

At the same time, he recalled various precautions, including the recommendation to use any bitcoin address only once.

Earlier, Antonopoulos has already said that intelligence agencies will not use a quantum computer against the Bitcoin network, even if they already have such weapons.

Recall, last year, researcher Jeffrey Tucker also said that a quantum computer is "not deadly" for bitcoin.