February 21, 2024

Analyst Maxim Onegin: other bitcoins will not be brought up

Now is not the best time to draw conclusions about the future of bitcoin and the failure of the first cryptocurrency as a defensive asset.This opinion was expressed by independent analyst Maxim Onegin on the air of the Bitcoinization column.

“We keep in mind that the final stop is the US presidential election in the fall. Over this period, bitcoin can become a safe haven, and not in a state of an overheated market after a huge rally, ”- he noted.

Answering the question about what is stillhappened on March 13, the analyst mentioned the activity on the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange. From Onegin's point of view, “exits on venture positions” became a fundamental factor.

“Given the connection with the main indexes, it seems to me that they nevertheless launched standard protocols for exiting venture capital investments,”Maxim Onegin said.

Attempts by the organizers of the TokenPlus pyramid to withdraw bitcoins could also have an impact on the course, the expert noted.

Talking about whether it was possible in one dayto bring down all hopes of bitcoin as a financial refuge, the analyst expressed confidence that the leading cryptocurrency still has not shown itself as an alternative to the dollar.

Nevertheless, the current rate is not a defining moment for those who have long believed in the asset:

“Today is $ 1,000, tomorrow $ 3,000, the day after tomorrow $ 10,000 - what's the difference. No other bitcoins will be delivered. ”

Onegin also believes that forced isolationdevelopers during the quarantine period can lead to the creation of new technological solutions. The fight against the spread of the virus has already made it possible to test some of the innovations - for example, when in Spain police drones remind people of the order not to leave the house without serious reason. In China, a system of cards has been successfully used to travel by public transport, which gives citizens a group of people who have been in contact with virus carriers.

“I expect this forced encapsulation, of course, to provide solutions that will be created on the knee, but at least give ideas.”- said the analyst.

During the broadcast, the topic of combatingmonopolistic Internet companies. According to Maxim Onegin, it will become a stage in the transformation of society. He is confident that censorship should be based on principles that everyone understands, and there should not be censorship of news at all. The analyst supported the #ForkGoogle initiative launched by the community.

"All this must happen, otherwise it is digital slavery,"Maxim Onegin said.

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